116 East Main Street
Corfu, NY 14036
TEL 585.599.3327
FAX 585.599.3822

Government for the Village of Corfu consists of elected and appointed officials including a Mayor, a Board of Trustees, a Village Court, a Village Planning Board, and a Village Zoning Board of Appeals. Maintenance and the Village Office are considered part of governmental operations and are staffed by highly skilled professionals. Fire and Police departments exist to provide public safety and are described in their own section.

The Village of Corfu is one of over 500 villages that operate under the auspices of the laws of New York State. They are one part of the county, town, city and village infrastructure. For detailed information about Villages, their history and infrastructure consult the New York State website.

For more information, contact the Village’s Clerk Treasurer, Jennifer Eck

The court clerk’s phone number is 585.599.3380.

Click here for the standard work day resolution.

The 2019-2020 village budget can be requested at 585-599-3327.