Sewer System Usage Guidelines

Please refrain from putting your cooking grease down the sink drain. Grease will build up inside of the sewer lines. It will mix with paper and other solids in the flow to create plugs, resulting in the need for the line to be jettied, which can result in several hundred dollars being spent to clean it up. For example: Last Christmas, personnel were called into work because a manhole was over flowing as a result of grease being dumped into a sink. The cost to taxpayers was close to $800. Please dispose of grease in your garbage pickup.

Also, please discard feminine products in your garbage. They can plug up pumps and mix with grease to create plugs in sewer lines. They are not biodegradable and have to be taken out of the system by sewer personnel at a cost to Village taxpayers.

We would like to ask that anyone seeing something that doesn’t look right like lights blinking or horns blowing at one of the lift stations or water coming out of manholes, etc. to please call the Village office at 585.599.3327 or Glenn Eck at 716.560.4950 5.