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The Corfu Planning Board meetings are the Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the Village Office. The Board requests one day notice from individuals planning to attend.

There is presently one opening on the Planning Board and three openings on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Anyone interested in the positions may contact the Village Office at 599-3327.

Results of the Village Election on March 21, 2006 were as follows:
Trustee (1) Term 1 year - 4/03/06 - 4/02/07
Ralph Peterson - Republican 39 votes
Trustee (2) Term 2 years - 4/03/06 - 4/07/08
Glenn Russ - Republican 34 votes
Thomas Sobczak - Republican 24 votes

We would like to welcome new Trustee, Margaret (Peg) Patterson to the Village Board. She was appointed to finish out the term of Andrea Vogler. We would also like to welcome Tom Sobczak on board.

Just wanted to remind everyone this year's Corfu Family Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 12, 2006. The day will have a Historical theme and will also focus on Bicycle safety for the children with information and demonstrations about helmet use and bicycle rules of the road. There will also be information and displays on the history of the bicycle to go with our historical theme. If anyone has any antique or old style bicycles they might be willing to show off, please contact the Village office. We are also looking for volunteers to help make this community event a truly memorable one. We are currently working on lining up great entertainment for all ages. Also there will be a Children's Parade, Food and game booths, a Street dance and other activities. As soon as more detailed information becomes available we will update you. Be sure to reserve this day to join us in the fun!!!

We are sorry to announce the resignation of Court Clerk Debbie Graham. Debbie has been Court Clerk for Judge Alexander since 1996. She will be greatly missed. We would like to welcome Taryn Vohwinkel as our new Court Clerk. Taryn and her husband Adam purchased the property at 110 E. Main St. in April 2003. They both grew up in and graduated from Akron. They have a 2 1/2 year old son, Cayden John. Taryn is employed by the Dept. of Homeland Security and is a Transportation Security Officer at Buffalo Airport. Her husband is a Custody Officer at Buffalo Federal Detention Center. They both enjoy the outdoors and camping. In her spare time Taryn also likes to sing, read and play BINGO! She hopes to be a great asset to the Village and the community in upcoming years.

We would like to welcome new Trustee, Ralph (Rosey) Peterson to the Village Board. He was appointed to finish out the first year of Erin Spring‘s term.

Mayor Todd Skeet

I am pleased to report newly elected Trustee for 2 years, Tom Sobczak, attended his first meeting as a Board Member on April 10, 2006. We also have two Re-elected Board Members, Glenn Russ for a term of 2 years and Ralph Peterson for a term of 1 year. In addition, Peg Patterson has been appointed to the Vacant Trustee Position. Peg has lived in the Village all her life and is very community oriented. I am looking forward to working with a dedicated Board of Trustees.

Myself, the Board of Trustees and all our residents wish our part-time Police Officer, Andy Houghton a speedy recovery. Andy was injured in an unfortunate incident while acting as a Police Officer in the Village Attica. Our thoughts are with him and his family. Rich Retzlaff will be acting in Andy's position while he recovers. We will also see Rich this summer as a seasonal officer.

Completed Projects

The Small City Grant has been submitted. Thanks to every citizen who helped us gather the necessary information, for completing and returning income surveys, sharing photos of drainage problems and attending the public hearings with the grant writer. With all your input and our efforts hopefully our Village will be chosen to receive this grant. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully we will have good news in the next newsletter.

The 2006-2007 Budget has been completed and will be submitted this month for a public hearing on April 24th. I am pleased to report that we will NOT be raising taxes or sewer rates again this year. Thanks for a job well done by the Trustees and Employees in keeping costs down.

Eastman Trees has completed their first round of high risk tree removal this year. We will see them in the upcoming future to remove more unsafe trees..

Projects in Progress
Ralph Peterson and myself are continuing to work on the new infrastructure on our Justice and Police Departments. The schedule for the police department is not yet completed as we are continuing to work with the Civil Service Canvas Process. I will update you has things develop.

We have on order (2) Tint Meters and a Laser Radar which are tools to enforce traffic laws in our community. We have applied for a grant to purchase a computer for the police department. We need to be compatible with the County's new TraCS system and this will enable us to do so.

Corfu Fire District, 1st Assistant Fire Chief, Brian McMartin, Town of Pembroke Councilman, Peter Sformo, County Emergency Coordinator, Tim Yaeger and myself met to discuss an Emergency Evacuation Plan suitable for the Village's and Town's resources and needs based on County criteria. Upon some further research, future meetings will be scheduled to complete this extensive plan.

I would like to thank Tax Payer Greg Lang for temporarily stepping in to pick up brush and hauling it to the dump as needed by our residents.

Upcoming Projects

We are starting to plan our Corfu Day, scheduled for August 12, 2006. Any resident interested in participating in the planning or any aspect of this festivity, please call the Village Office.

The Board of Trustees and myself are working with Darien Lake regarding anticipated heavy traffic flow days. This information will also be passed on to you.

Beautifying the Village:
Once again, the highly enjoyed flowers pots will be placed at select locations around the Village. We hope to purchase a few more this year as well.

General Information
Any citizen that would like to assist any Village Board Member on any given committee or project, please contact Mayor Todd Skeet at 599-3844 or the Village Clerk at 599-3327.

Trustee Ralph T.(Rosey) Peterson, Jr.

As stated in my campaign, my focus will be to develop a continuous improving plan for our Village employee's with a focus on our Public Safety (Police) Department. The recent personnel adjustment is a step towards reaching this goal. I will be working with Mayor Todd Skeet to formally announce a 'Community Service Mission Statement" for our Police Department, develop formal work schedule and scheduling process, work performance standards, and policies that will demonstrate to the residents of Corfu we are serious about implementing our "Community Service Mission Statement".

One item I have struggled with since joining the Board is how to improve the communications between the Village Board and Corfu residents. We will be having public hearings to present our 2006-2007 Budget. Resident participation would be appreciated. During these meetings I would welcome feedback on how the Village Board could improve communications with the residents.

The Board is working on obtaining grants to address the drainage problems and improve the efficiency of our Sewer Plant. Addressing the drainage problems will improve the quality of life in the affected areas. Improving the performance of our Sewer Plant will provide Corfu with the potential to market our excess capacity with the goal of reducing our sewer rates.

I certainly appreciate the voter support I received. I plan to follow through on my campaign statements. I hope to see you at our public hearings.

Trustee Peg Patterson
Spring greetings to all. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Margaret Patterson, better known as Peggie or Peg. I am a lifelong resident of the Village. My husband Tom and I have four wonderful children. The safety and small town hominess of Corfu is one of the things we love and desire to maintain for our children to grow up in. The last week of February I was appointed to fill a one-year vacancy on the Board. I have just begun to learn the basic workings of the Board. As a Board we are excited to work together to maintain the good quality of life that we have here in Corfu.

We are in the process of researching and developing other avenues that will increase our quality of life without increasing our tax burden. I came on the Board right at the beginning process of the Small Cities Grant application to deal with the water drainage issues throughout the Village. What an exciting project. This application will be in the hands of the grantors as this letter comes to print. According to the grant writers we should know whether we have been awarded this money by late summer or early fall. They have stated that many of you retuned their surveys, wrote letters and submitted photographs. The turnout for the public meetings was encouraging also. Thank you so much for all who took time to do these things in the midst of your busy schedules.

In the course of this next year, I hope to some to a greater understanding of the basic workings of the Board, cut costs where they can be cut, and meet many new friends and neighbors. Speaking of meeting new friends, please mark your calendars now for the Annual Corfu Family Day. It will be August 12, 2006. Let's plan on getting together and sharing our history of Corfu as we know it. Whether you have only been here a few short months or all your life, you are an important member of our community.

Trustee Tom Sobczak
I'd like to thank the good folks of the Village who have elected me to serve you. I have wanted to be able to make a difference in the Village and now I feel I have that chance. Please feel free to contact me any time with concerns you may have. Everyone have a great spring.

Trustee Glenn Russ
I would like to thank all those who voted March 21. I appreciate your support and am happy to be a Trustee in this Village. Well, Spring is in the air and snow is on the ground, so it must be Spring.

Our little Village is involved in many changes. First is a survey that was conducted by Jean O'Connell & Associates Grant Writers, which I hope all of you filled out and returned. Those surveys are fundamental to getting the Grant money we need to repair infiltration to the sewer lines, and open the waterways for drainage in the wetlands by removing all the blockage holding back the natural flow of water. Chatfield Engineers are doing the study and impact of drainage in the Village and will design a drain system to alleviate water and small ponds in your yards. But before this can all be done we must have a percentage rate of income per household, which is what the survey was for. If we do not meet the standard percentage rate, we cannot get the grant and cannot afford to do the project. This is another reason we need all the Villagers in Corfu to come to the aid of each other to make the improvements we need to move on. Together we stand, divided we fall. We need all of your support at public meetings so please try to attend.

I'm sure you all know by now that we had to make a personnel change, and a new schedule is in effect for Police Officers for peak hours coverage. We have hired Richard Retzlaff to fill in temporarily while Andy Houghton recovers from the shooting incident in Attica, along with a Wyoming County Sheriff. We wish both a quick and full recovery.

Plans for the August 12th Corfu Family Day are beginning and we can always use some volunteers, so if you would like to help please call the Village Office for information. Hope to see all your smiling faces around the Village this summer. Please remember is you have any concerns or ideas, call me or any Trustee. Be sure to visit our Web Site at

To Sam Damthongmivahn who went to the State Wrestling Tournament at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island and had an outstanding performance while posting a 5 and 1 record. After a victory over the State's #1 ranked wrestler of Section III, Sam's only loss was to tournament winner Dave Marble of Section IV. Through the 05-06 season Sam racked up five tournament titles and three Most Outstanding Wrestler awards. Keep up the great work, Sam, and we'll watch for you next year.

Please note that anyone filling a swimming pool this year must first make arrangements with the Village Office if you want to qualify for a sewer credit. You must use a minimum of 5000 gallons before a credit can be given. We will need your beginning and ending meter reading before and after filling.

The Village will once again have trash disposal in the village during 2006. You will be able to take your trash to the Sewer Plant on Fieldcrest Drive on the days and times as follows:
We request that you do not bring any recyclable items such as glass, tin cans, or No.1 and 2 plastics. These should be put with your curbside service. These items can also be taken to the Town of Pembroke Recycling Center, free of charge on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. They also accept newspapers and magazines.

Day Date Time
Friday May 12 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday May 13 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday June 9 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday Jun 10 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday August 11 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday August 12 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday September 8 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday September 9 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday October 13 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday October 14 9:00am-1:00pm

We cannot accept the following items: tires, oil, garbage, toxic materials, refrigerator, freezers or air conditioners, unless the freon has been removed. We will accept car batteries, couches, stoves, dishwashers and mattresses. If you need help with large items, please call the Village Office at 599-3327.

The Village reserves the right to reject large amounts of trash and to stop receiving once the container is full. We suggest that residents who are doing major remodeling work to please contract for their own dumpster for trash removal.

This service is intended for residential use and not for contractors to dispose of their work trash.

BRUSH: Scheduled pick-up for brush in Spring 2005 will be on Mondays through the season beginning the end of April. Brush and leaves will be picked up if placed in garbage bags or containers and left at the curb. Brush must be bundled (no longer than 4 ft. lengths). No stones, weeds or dirt. Please do not make the bags or containers so heavy that they rip or fall apart when picked-up. If a large amount of brush or leaves must be disposed of, you may call for the Village truck. You will be required to load the truck, but there will be no charge for hauling the brush.

Don't forget this year's Family Day is scheduled for August 12th and it's theme is Historical! If you have any historical artifacts, photos, postcards, letters, anything you would like to share with fellow residents, we would like to set up some displays that show what it was like to live in 'days gone by". Just contact Al at 599-4195 or Sandy at the Village Office at 599-3327. We would also welcome anyone who would like to volunteer their time to relate to the younger generation what Corfu was like in the past. Let's make the Family days a community event to remember! And now ...
  • CORFU 'WONDER WATER": About 1901 when drilling for gas on N. Allegheny near Murder Creek, the drillers hit an artesian well. The well was 1800 feet deep and the water contained natural gas. The water could be ignited and would burn. About 1936 John Connelly, who owned the land, discovered the water had medicinal value and opened an establishment where he gave water baths and massages. An article in an April 23, 1941 Batavia Daily News stated it was some of the finest mineral water in the world. It was compared to the water at Baden-Baden, Germany and became known as 'Wonder Water".

  • On April 8, 1923 high winds hit the Village. The belfry and vestibule of St. Luke's Episcopal Church (now a 3 story apartment at 42 S. Allegheny) was blown over, blocking traffic for several hours. The winds, estimated at 76 mph, also blew off the roof of the Post Office which was located where Burling Drugs is.

  • The first mail in Corfu came in from Darien by horse on Tuesday and Friday. When Corfu got it's first Post Office in 1839, the Village had to be renamed because there was already a Longs Corners in New York. The first Postmaster Robert Miller suggested the name Corfu.

  • Congratulations to the Corfu Free Library for being ranked #9 of 970 Libraries its size in the United States. The ranking was done by Hennen American Public Library Raters. The Corfu Free Library was organized in 1920 by the Corfu Study Club. They opened in February in the upper floor of the D.R.Lawrence building on Main Street (now Pizza Pantry). In 1927 it moved to it's current site on Maple Ave. In 1963-4 it was remodeled. In 1967 a new wing was added on north side of building. The Grace Thompson Room was added to the back in 1976. Speaking of the Library...

    Read for fun and prizes this summer! The Corfu Free Library's annual Summer Reading Program Kick-Off party is Friday, June 30th and the fun runs through August 11th. Programs for grades K-5 on Tuesdays, Storytime on Wednesdays for ages 2 - 4, Thursdays are Teen nights and don't forget Family Friday's at 6:30 pm. Books and prizes for everyone who participates! All programs are FREE! Call for more info or to volunteer at 599-3321.

    Your Opinion Counts! Residents of the Corfu Free Library community will be contacted during the months of April and May by mail or phone and asked to participate in a Library survey. Please respond, your opinion counts. You can fill out a survey online by going to and clicking on the link after our summer hours. Please return paper surveys to CFL or community drop boxes. This survey will enable CFL trustees to plan for the Library's future. Thank you for your participation.

    Corfu Free Library Hours:
    Monday - Closed, Tuesday - 1-8pm, Wednesday - 10am-1pm, Thursday - 3-9pm, Friday - 1-8pm, Saturday - 10am-1pm. Closed Saturdays in July and August.