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April 15, 2008

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  ---  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M (New)
TUESDAY & THURSDAY --- 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (new)

           Village Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Committee meetings are the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Public is welcome to attend.

          The Planning Board meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Village Office. The Planning Board is in desperate need of members. The Zoning Board of Appeals also needs one more member. If interested in helping to keep Corfu the great place it is to live, now is the time to get involved. Contact the Village Office to sign up.
     Offices filled at the Annual Village Election on March 18, 2008 are as follows:
  Trustee: Thomas Sobczak –  Republican – 2 years    54 Votes
  Trustee: Glenn Russ –      Republican – 2 years    41 Votes
  Trustee: Patricia Newton – Democrat   - 2 years    38 Votes
Welcome back to Trustees Sobczak and Russ.


     The Village would like to welcome Brandi Alexander to our ranks as Full time Court Clerk. Brandi was chosen from a pool of qualified applicants to handle all aspects of Court procedures.
     We would also like to welcome Michael Smith as our new Maintenance person. Mike has lived in the area all his life and will be an asset to the Village operations. Our previous Maintenance person, Kevin McCarthy, was accepted to the Genesee County Sheriffs Dept. We wish him all the best in his new career.


Mayor Todd Skeet:
     I would personally like to thank Kevin McCarthy for his time here with us and for the exemplary job he did for the Village. We will miss him. I would like to extend a big welcome to Mike Smith. He comes to us well qualified for the job, and has plunged right in without missing a beat. I’m sure many of you have seen him picking up brush recently. More on that later.

     I would also like to thank Peg Patterson for her service as Trustee. Due to family circumstances, Peg resigned as Trustee in the beginning of April. The Board will miss her input and ideas (and baked goods). She always kept us on our toes. I would like to welcome Al Graham, who has been appointed to fill out the remaining year of Peg’s term. Al comes to us with knowledge of the Village and it’s workings, has worked with several surrounding communities and other Boards and Municipalities to help reduce costs, and is sure to be an asset to our Board.
     Welcome to our new Court Clerk Brandi. Already she has done a tremendous job in going through old files thought to be uncollectible, and has been collecting on fines from up to ten years ago. Way to go Brandi!
Police Department: First and foremost, I would like to wish Dennis Yueckstock a speedy recovery. I am proud to live in a community that supports and pulls together for a benefit like you did for Dennis.
     We are beginning to gear up for the high traffic season and Police staff will increase beginning in May. We expect to keep things moving smoothly during the Darien Lake season.
     We have received several complaints on skateboarders, both business and residential. The Board and myself are looking at ways to minimize complaints, and what actions may be taken to curtail reckless and dangerous skateboarding practices. Feel free to call the Village office to report any problems and to help keep vandalism and mischief to a minimum.
Office: Sandy has been working with the new software to bring our operations into the 21st century. She and the Board are also working with the Grant writers to deal with Governor’s Small Cities grant requirements for the drainage grant. Also the 2008-2009 Budget is nearing completion and public hearing will be set soon.
Maintenance Dept: As Mike is learning the ropes of the Maintenance Department, he has discovered a few areas that we, as a community, need to improve. Curbside brush pickup is a service we all appreciate, but we have become lax on the requirements for leaf and brush pickup, and have discovered that some have included household garbage or animal waste among the bags or piles of yard debris. This is not acceptable and should it be found to contain either, it will be left at your curb for you to deal with. Please use consideration, as I am sure you would not appreciate having to pick up either one.
     Also, for large amounts of brush, we encourage residents to please call for the trailer to be left at your residence to load yourself. Please note that the trailer must be left in a driveway or paved surface, not pulled into a yard.
     Our seasonal part-time Maintenance worker will be working hand-in-hand with Mike this spring on creeks and streams throughout the Village to try to open them up.
     Flowerpots will be planted and placed around the Village again. As always, any help in maintaining them is always appreciated. We have had many comments on how residents enjoy seeing them.
                                                     Todd Skeet

Trustee Peg Patterson:
     It’s surely nice to know that winter is behind us.  Thank you to all who came out and voted.  We had over double the voters as last year.  It’s important that you exercise that right and privilege.  The months continue to fly by and as a Board, we are continuing to look at ways to make our departments more efficient and cost effective.  I would like to personally thank Mr. Kevin McCarthy for his service to the village as our maintenance man.  He did a great job.  I am sure he will find success in his future endeavors also.  We also want to welcome Michael Smith.  I believe he will come to be an asset to us as the weeks and months go on.  Please be sure to welcome him. 
     Over the past few months since I last wrote an article for the newsletter, we have been continuing to work on standard operating manuals for all employees, looking into areas for grants for both general village operations as well as the sewer plant.  If you haven’t mailed in your recent survey for the drainage grant and still have it lying around, it’s not too late.  This grant goes out by the middle of April.  I have also recently attended the GCIDC annual banquet.  They emphasized the projects that are happening throughout the county to increase development in ways that will benefit many residents.  The Pembroke Commerce Park is a big one.  The prospective layouts are exciting and could lead to development for us in the village too. 
     We have also been busy working on the budget for next year.  We are doing our very best to make it a bare bones spending year all around.  We have strived diligently in the past years to not raise taxes.  We will continue to do our very best to get the most out of the monies we bring in.  As I close this note to you all I would also like to let you know first hand that I have loved serving my community that I have lived in all my life.  Todd is a fine mayor and gives much time to his commitment as mayor.  The other board members also give sacrificially.  Please thank them when you see them.  I very sadly must say though, that due to family situations and time constraints, I must step down from my position.  I don’t feel that I am giving the time and concentration to the office that it needs and demands.  As we continue to pray and take every day as it comes, I will never forget all the kind words, encouragement and life lessons I have experienced these past 2+ years.
                                              Peg Patterson

Trustee Glenn Russ: Hello Spring!!
     Now that we’re all in the Spring cleaning mode and take branches and rubbish to the curb, please remember to keep the leaves and rubbish bagged, branches cut into a manageable size bundles so one person can handle the load, I know this would be greatly appreciated.
     Please welcome our new maintenance personnel Michael Smith; we’d like you to get to know him as a new face in the village.  So when you need the trailer for large debris, brush removal, or any other issues that may come up, we would like you to be able to identify him as a village employee.

     Spring brings out the walkers, bike riders, wagons, motor cycles and ah yes, the skateboarders.  So please take the extra time to look all ways before pulling out or turning.
     Recently we had a public hearing on the drainage problems within the village. A representative from Chatfield Engineers was here to discuss the engineering study for the village to the residents, unfortunately no villagers showed up.  A survey was also sent out to each villager to assess water damage, flooding, sump pumps running constantly, black mold problems and any other problems due to water.  Only some of the surveys returned to the village office.  We need these surveys to show that we have a problem that needs immediate attention to help fund the drainage project with grant money.  Tom Sobczak and I have gone door to door with the rest of the surveys so we can complete the number of surveys necessary for the grant eligibility.  Now don’t get me wrong, this board and I will do anything it can for this village and its residents, but we also need your support.  “United we stand divided we fall”, still stands true.  This is the first step in going in the direction of the Sewer District hook-up with Town of Pembroke and Darien.  The drainage must be done first, then the sewer treatment plant issues can be addressed so please help support our cause, for all of us.
     The benefit for Dennis Yueckstock was an unbelievable success, thanks to all that helped and for all that participated in the event.  This is what makes a community a family!  I know I join everyone in well wishes for Dennis and his family.
     I would like to thank all the hard work, dedication and professionalism that Peggy Patterson has shown this village and board.  She has always had the best interest of the residents in mind with village finances and how and where it was spent.  If something was not quite right she would find it, question it and act, on behalf of everyone.  Her resignation was hard to accept but extremely understandable. We all will miss her a great deal.  Best wishes and God bless Peg and her family; know that you are appreciated for a job well done.
                                                Glenn Russ

Trustee Ralph Peterson:
     “The Friends of Dennis Yueckstock” would like to thank the community for their support for his benefit and all those who helped out in so many ways.
     We sadly announce that Peg Patterson has resigned from the Village Board for personal reasons. Peg was a meaningful contributor to the Board and she will be missed. I wish her family the best.
     I hope that all the residents have seen the progress on the new K&K Store at the corner of Route 77 and Route 33. K&K is approaching the final stages of construction. We have had some “bumps in the road” with the project but overall things have moved along well.

     At this time of year the Board is focused on the budget. Our challenge this year is to construct a budget that will provide better methods to manage operating expenses and capital improvements. We are attempting to understand all expenses with a focus on our sewer treatment plant. We are actively working with VRI in addressing these issues. Our plant is a resource to this community and could play a critical role in developing this community. This cannot be accomplished without a clear understanding of basic operational expenses and the capital improvement required making our plant efficient. For example this year we discovered that approximately $50,000 was added to the Sewer plant’s operating cost because of extra inflow into the sewer system. Our immediate task is to eliminate that expense. Also we are researching opportunities to reduce the energy cost. To complete this effort community support is required.
                                                  Ralph Peterson

Trustee Tom Sobczak:
     Before I begin I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in my reelection bid, allowing me to continue to serve on the board another two years. I will continue to do my best to make things better for all of us here in the Village. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the benefit for Dennis recently. A bunch of money was raised for Dennis’ medical bills and it was just another example of why I wanted to live in this area. People really step up to help when someone is in need around here. The place was packed all day! Sandy and her gang did an awesome job with the organization of it and everyone had a great time.
     In other news, as you all know nice weather is just about here and melting snow means a lot of water all through the Village. We are working on things to try and lessen the impact of the drainage problems most of us deal with each spring and we’ll fill you in when we start to make them happen.
     Finally I’d like to thank Peg Patterson for her service on the Board and welcome Al Graham to the team. I’ll miss working with Peg and what she brought to the table, but I think Al will add another dynamic and I look forward to working with him. Happy Spring!
                                                                                                                 Tom Sobczak


All Roll-off hours are Friday 3:00pm –6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
There is no Roll-Off in July

        Fri     April 18th               Fri    August 8th
        Sat     April 19th               Sat    August 9th

        Fri     May 9th                  Fri    September 12th
        Sat     May 10th                 Sat    September 13th

        Fri     June 13th                Fri    October 10th
        Sat     June 14th                Sat    October 11th

      We request that you do not bring any recyclable items such as glass, tin cans, or No.1 and 2 plastics. These should be put with your curbside service. These items can also be taken to the Town of Pembroke Recycling Center, free of charge on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  They also accept newspapers and magazines.
     We cannot accept the following items: tires, oil, garbage, toxic materials, refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, unless freon has been removed. We will accept car batteries, couches, stoves, dishwashers and mattresses.  If you need help with large items, please call the Village Office at 599-3327.
     The Village reserves the right to reject large amounts of trash and to stop receiving once the container is full. We suggest that residents who are doing major remodeling work to please contract for their own dumpster for trash removal. This service is intended for residential use.


     Thank you to all of you who stopped by the History display at the Winterfest in January. The whole event was a big success.
     A History Note: With the K&K Convenience Store almost complete, I thought I’d write a brief history of this location.

  • From approximately 1887-1937 there was a house at this location.
  • In August of 1937 the house was replaced with an Atlantic Gas Station.
  • From 1937-1981 the gas station was owned or run by several people including Jim Mallory, Marion Weed, Warren Tucker and Don Strang.
  • On April 21, 1981 the gas station and house behind it were torn down and a new Convenience store was built.
  • On July 10, 1981 the new “Kwik Serv” Convenience store was opened. Jim and Sandy Mallory ran the store until 2007.
  • In May 2007 Reid Petroleum of Lockport purchased the Kwik Serv and renamed it the K&K Convenience Store.
  • In October 2007 this store and the house next to it were torn down and construction of a new, larger K&K Store began. It is scheduled to open in May of 2008.

REMINDER: The Pembroke Historical Assn has begun it’s programs for 2008. Upcoming programs are; Wednesday May 4th – Patrick Weissend of the Holland Land Office will present a program on the “History of the Genesee County Fair” and Wednesday June 4th – A program on the “Underground Railway Quilt” will be presented. There is a lot more to this than just a quilt! Saturday September 6th – Brick House Fair.

     You don’t have to be a member to attend these programs. The programs are free and are at 7:30 at the Town of Pembroke Hall at Routes 5 & 77. If you would like to join the Association dues are $2 or $3 for a family membership.