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April 21, 2009

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  ---  9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M
TUESDAY & THURSDAY --- 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Village Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Committee meetings are the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Public is welcome to attend. *Please note: On meeting weeks, office hours may be adjusted so please call first.


Results of Village of Corfu Elections were as follows:
(Winner in Bold & Underlined)                                   Votes Received
Mayor: (2) Years – Democrat    – Todd A. Skeet                  109
Mayor: (2) Years – Republican  – Scott F. Doll                       47
Write –in                                     David Bielec                        2
Two Positions
Trustee: (2) Years – Democrat   – Albert Graham Jr              97
Trustee: (2) Years – Democrat   – Ralph Peterson                 84
Trustee: (2) Years – Republican – Kenneth J. Lauer               56
Trustee: (2) Years – Republican – Ralph Peterson                   54
(Ralph Peterson – Total votes 138)
Justice: (4) Years – Democrat    – Robert Alexander              85
Justice: (4) Years – Republican – Robert Alexander                62
(Robert Alexander - Total votes 147)


     If you have called the Office recently you will find we now have a new phone system thanks to a Court Grant. This new system supposedly guides you to the correct person you wish to speak to.  We are still working out a few kinks but hope it will make it easier to contact or leave a message for whoever you need.
     Yes, we once again have a new sewer billing format due to the new Utility Billing Program we also got through a grant.  If you have any questions or problems with interpreting the new format, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office.


     Once again we remind all residents that there is no open burning allowed within the Village limits. This is a STATE LAW and is enforceable by any conservation or police officer. You may be fined if found in violation of this law. Please observe the law. It will be enforced.


Mayor Todd Skeet:
     I would like to thank everyone for coming out to vote at the recent election and for all the support.  I would also like to thank those who came to the Public Hearings for the Small Cities grant.  We feel it was all helpful and useful in our venture towards draining Corfu.  We will also be working in-house, starting as soon as weather permits, to tackle some of these problems.  You may see myself or other people walking through yards looking for ways to help correct the problem.  The drainage problem didn’t happen overnight and unfortunately we can’t fix it overnight. It takes a lot of planning, legal paperwork and red tape.  With everyone’s patience and help we will take care of as much “in-house” as possible, and hopefully Small Cities will come through for us this year to handle the bulk of the project.
     We also have many calls in to State level officials regarding the CSX Viaduct on Route 77, hoping we can take care of this eyesore.  The reason it is taking so long to take care of this problem is that no one is taking ownership of the viaduct. Back in 1954 for some reason the Village took ownership of the entire viaduct, so we, along with CSX and the State are looking into the reason why.  We don’t believe this should be the sole burden of the village taxpayers as it could run into the millions to fix. With all that in mind, I will ask for our community to keep sending letters and pictures to help support our fight with ongoing water problems between the Village and the viaduct.  If we want this to happen we need your support, so please take the time to help.  This is our community. Nobody is going to fix it but us!
      In the past couple of years we have had some problem with young adults vandalizing and creating headaches in our community.  Unfortunately because of their age it is very hard to discipline, so if you see any of these acts or unsafe behavior that may hurt these children or cause damage to our community, please call 911.  Between our Police and Genesee County Youth Officers, we are working hand-in-hand to stop these acts.  For us to put a stop to this, however, we need a paper trail, so we need your help by reporting any incidents to the proper authorities at 911.
     Since we’re talking about Police issues, I would like to talk about the Corfu Police department with the upcoming busy season almost here.  We no longer have a full time Police officer and are using all part time officers who receive little-to-no benefits.  On heavy traffic events such as concerts, we would like to support our community with 16 hours of coverage, which with part-time officers will require staggered shifts.  Due to the limited hours they are able to work, you will start seeing some new faces in our Police department to give us the coverage we need through our busy season.
     We will be running the red light for heavy traffic and will do everything in our power to help our residents pass through in a timely manner, but we ask you to please be patient.  We have included a concert schedule of those we know of so far to alert you to the heavy traffic days. If you have any questions regarding our Police department you can contact me or Sergeant Jim Meier through the Village office.  Here again if there is any type of emergency or a need for any of our officers, please call 911.  All officers must be dispatched through Genesee County and not the Village office.
      Moving on to our Maintenance department, we have a lot of work in store for the upcoming summer, working with drainage, street and sidewalk repair, striping our roads and crosswalks, trying to beautify our Village by keeping things clean and maintaining our flower pots.  Brush pickup will continue and we remind you to please be courteous and make sure there is no animal waste included.  On large amounts of brush or debris, please contact the Village office as we may be able to pick it up on site rather than you having to haul it to roadside.  The same holds true with roll-off items.  If you have large items that need to be picked up please contact the Village Office.  A roll-off schedule is included in this newsletter.
      Code Enforcement Officer John Good and Zoning officer Darrell Ward are working hand-in-hand with the Planning Board.  For any zoning or building issues you can contact them through the Village office.
   Our 2009-10 Budget is adopted to begin June 1st.  We are proud to say we did not have to increase the tax rate, where many other municipalities have.  You will see some new equipment in the Maintenance department.  Due to careful planning throughout the 2008-09 (current) budget, we were able to utilize current Police budget money to replace the Dodge Intrepid police car.  The new vehicle is due to arrive within the next two weeks.         
      I hope everyone has an enjoyable, safe summer. As always if you have any questions, please contact me because I do work for you!

Trustee Ralph Peterson:
     I thank everyone that contributed to returning me to the Corfu Village Board. I plan to continue to earn your support by continuing to use teamwork concepts to address all Village and community issues.
Storm Water Drainage Project
     The Board is intensively working on developing a project to address the drainage issues on the east side of the Village.  Our last public hearing provided feedback and suggestions needed for us to understand residents issues and develop a plan to address them.  It is critical that residents submit all the drainage issues to the village office in writing. This information from residents is what the grant officials are looking for to award grants addressing the drainage issues.
Joint Municipality Agreement Project
     Communications between the Town of Pembroke and the Village have improved. We are presently establishing joint municipality agreements that will help both municipalities become more effective in addressing community needs and growth. These efforts are critical in reducing the cost of planned projects.
Village Employee Efficiency/ Effectiveness Project
     I will be working with all village departments to develop a method/process to evaluate employee efficiency and effectiveness. As we bid for project grants we must be able to show how effective we are in applying funds to our issues/problems.  All of our employees are working hard to complete all the projects/tasks the board assigns, but we must get better and find a way to do more with less money. To do that we first must understand how we do what we do now. This project will provide the board a method to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, justify purchase of capital equipment and employee training needs.

Trustee Al Graham: 
     Hey, Folks. My last newsletter was dedicated to the Firemen and Police and the fine efforts they made during the windstorm a few months ago and when power was out for several days. I try to change up my topics each newsletter but feel compelled to discuss the Fire Department once again. A few weeks ago a 911 call was made to report a fire at the old Pizza Pantry. Brad Lang and myself happened to be at the Wastewater plant at the time. Brad and his father Greg are both Firemen and both work with me for VRI. Brad’s pager went off and he was in his car and heading to the Fire Department in literally two seconds.  I went directly to the fire and parked at K & K.  As I walked around the fence several people had already gathered in the back parking lot.  Some were customers of K & K, some residents of the Village.  As I got closer I overheard some complaints about the slow response time and saying the Corfu Fire Department sucks.
     The purpose of this letter is not to “out” the residents. I will not say whether they were young or old, male or female.  The purpose of this letter is to remind people that we have a Volunteer Fire Department.  There is no one sitting at the hall waiting for a call for help to come in. “Our” firemen have to respond from wherever they are, in most cases in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day when they are at work!  It is the same case in every other Volunteer Fire Department, including the other Departments that responded that day.
   Brad Lang got to the hall and had to wait for others to get there before they could respond, and do you know why?  Because they had to come from Elba and Clarence and one guy came from Buffalo State.  They were all at work but they came, as did the Volunteers from Darien, Pembroke, Akron, Batavia and East Pembroke.  These are all Volunteers, donating 100’s of hours a year to protect our families and homes.
     In the end the small add on to the old Pizza Pantry was lost but the main structure was saved and the fire was contained, but not without cost. Two of these brave men were injured fighting the fire that they didn’t have to be fighting, they could have stayed at work, they could have ignored the alarm, but they didn’t.
     We tend to go on with our lives day to day not thinking about them and the hours of training and preparing they put into being Volunteers until we need them.  And I have no doubt that if the residents in questions houses caught on fire or had a medical emergency, they would call “Our” Fire Department, and “Our” Fire Department would come even if its from Elba or Clarence or Buffalo State, even after these residents trashed them in Public, because it’s part of who they are as dedicated firemen.
     So in closing, Thank You for letting me vent (I feel better) and remember, if you think you can be better or faster and can help elevate our Fire Department to another level, JOIN!  They are always looking for more volunteers.  But maybe it’s easier to stand on the side complaining.

Trustee Tom Sobczak:
     Spring has arrived here in western NY, although some recent days have made me recheck the calendar. I know it's spring because contrary to the winter-like temperatures, spring things are being done with the village like the first roll off we had a couple of weeks ago. The next "official" time will be May 8th & 9th. Remember, no garbage and especially no bags of diapers! The roll off is meant for things you can't put at the curb on trash day.
      In other news, I'm pleased to report that things are moving forward with the former Sid Harper house. I've been working with John & Darrell (our building/code enforcement guys) on finally doing something to get this eyesore taken care of from a legal standpoint. The owner has let it sit and fall apart for far too long and we are now taking the steps needed to change that. I've been working on all the things needed should we be able to acquire this property and in the meantime I expect it's immediate issues to be dealt with shortly, either by the owner or more likely by the village. I think we can all agree that this has gone on for far too long and the center of our village deserves to have this blemish removed from our landscape. Watch for some changes, hopefully in the next month or so.
     Finally, I'd like to thank all of the folks who turned out for the public hearings on our drainage issues. This is another long term problem we've all had to deal with for far too long and we received a lot of input from the residents that attended, as well as photos and letters to help in our pursuit of grants. This will not be an easy or inexpensive fix but we have been working on it and provided some of this "stimulus" money we keep hearing about can come our way, we hope to make things dry for many of our village residents. In the meantime we will continue to do the things we can do ourselves "in house" to solve some of the smaller issues. Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy spring and remember, summer is right around the corner (or at least that's what the calendar says!).

Trustee Glenn Russ:  No report available.

Maintenance Department: Just a reminder that we will continue to do brush pick-up through the spring and summer and appreciate your cooperation in observing some guidelines. If bagging leaves or brush, please do not include other trash. The landfill is for brush, branches and leaves only and please make sure pet waste is not mixed in. The trailer is available for large loads of branches. If you need the trailer please call the Village Office to make arrangements for drop off. Also please read the listing of unacceptable items for the roll-off.  We will try to accommodate you as much as possible, but some items we cannot include in the roll-off.  It is not intended for household garbage such as kitchen waste or diapers, etc.

Sergeant Jim Meier:   
     My name is Jim Meier, I have been hired by the Village to supervise the Police Department. I am a life long resident in this community. I am a 22-½ year veteran of the Genesee County Sheriff’s office.
     As you all know this time of year Darien Lake reopens and traffic picks-up in the village. It becomes even worse on concert nights. The lake has fifteen concerts scheduled and I expect more. On concert nights you should do your best to avoid the Rt. 33 and Rt. 77 intersection, but if you have no choice please understand you may experience delays.
     If you ever need to get in touch with me regarding a police matter please feel free to call the police office 599-2883 (leave a message) or e-mail me at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *     


On Monday,  May 25th we observe Memorial Day. Let each of us take a  moment to  remember  and give thanks  for  those  who have given their lives while in military service and to  remember  those currently in  the  military.   It is  a day to be proud  of their  commitment to us and our country.


     With the coming of spring it’s Baseball time again. At one time baseball was an integral part of the Village Lifestyle. From the 1890’s through the 1940’s many local communities had “Town” baseball teams, including the Village of Corfu. There were many town teams including E. Pembroke, Darien, Basom and the Indian Reservation. In the 60’s Firemen’s Softball was very popular with Town of Pembroke teams in Pembroke, E. Pembroke and Corfu.

  • In the early 1900’s the Corfu teams played its home games at Kinne Baseball Park. This was located on the flatlands (now a swamp) between the school and Evergreen Hill Cemetery.
  • In the 1930’s Corfu played its home games on Bartlett Field. This was located next to Bartlett’s Lunch Stand on E. Main St. (current site of the former Stan’s Red Lounge.
  • In the early 1900’s it was common for some of these town teams to hire “ringers” from nearby pro teams to play in some of their games.  In 1907 the team from Batavia hired a pitcher by the name of Bailey from the Buffalo Bisons to pitch in a game against Corfu. There probably was money riding on the game. I have no record of the outcome of the game.

     Thank you to those who stopped by my “Railroad in Corfu” display at the Wintefest in January. I enjoyed talking to everyone.
     The Pembroke Historical Programs have started again. The program for May 6th is a look at Pembroke History by the Town Historians (Lois Brockway, Joann Cummings and Allan Starkweather).
     The Brick House Fair will be September 12th this year.  Also remember to get those “Favorite Recipes” in to the Town for the Bi-Centennial Cookbook due out in 2010.


All Roll-off hours are Friday 3:00pm –6:00pm and Saturday 8:00am – 12:00noon
There is no Roll-Off in July

        Fri     May 8th                    Fri     June 12th               Fri    August 7th
        Sat     May 9th                   Sat     June 13th              Sat    August 8th

                 Fri     September 11th                    Fri    October 9th
                 Sat    September 12th                    Sat    October 10th
      We request that you do not bring any recyclable items such as glass, tin cans, or No.1 and 2 plastics. These should be put with your curbside service. These items can also be taken to the Town of Pembroke Recycling Center, free of charge on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  They also accept newspapers and magazines.
     We cannot accept the following items: tires, oil, garbage, toxic materials, refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, unless freon has been removed. Paint cans will only be accepted if empty and lid removed. We will accept car batteries, couches, stoves, dishwashers and mattresses.  If you need help with large items, please call the Village Office at 599-3327.
     The Village reserves the right to reject large amounts of trash and to stop receiving once the container is full. We suggest that residents who are doing major remodeling work to please contract for their own dumpster for trash removal. This service is intended for residential use.


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