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July 12, 2007

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  ---  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M
TUESDAY & THURSDAY --- 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Note: The Village Office will be closed on Fridays during July and August

Village Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. Committee Meetings are the Fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. Public is welcome to attend.

The Planning Board meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Village Office. The Planning Board is in desperate need of members. The Planning Board reviews site plans, grants special use permits, temporary use permits, reviews current Zoning Laws, among other duties. No prior experience is required to become a member, members will learn on the job. If interested in helping to keep Corfu the great place it is to live, now is the time to get involved. Contact the Village Office to sign up.

To all our residents, we would like to let you know that we are postponing our Corfu Family Day Celebration. This is the 125th year celebration of our Corfu Fire Department and they wanted to have their own festivities. In order to be able to support them fully and not over stress everyone’s busy summer schedules, we will plan a festivity in fall or winter this year. Plan on joining the Firemen at their celebration August 12, 2007. See the last page for more details on the Celebration!

Once again we remind all residents that there is no open burning allowed within the Village limits. This is a STATE LAW and is enforceable by any conservation or police officer. You may be fined if found in violation of this law. Please observe the law. It will be enforced.


Mayor Todd Skeet

I hope everyone is enjoying these hazy days of summer. I would like to Welcome K&K, who recently bought out Kwik Serv, to our community. I would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all the owner’s of Kwik Serv who have served our community for many years, especially Jim and Sandy Mallory. We all wish you happiness on your much deserved retirement.

Beautifying Corfu: Now that summer is here, I am happy to see the Village does not look as bad as we all thought it might back in October. I hope you are enjoying the flower pots throughout the Village, they are doing great. Thanks to those who have taken the time to help take care of them.

Maintenance Dept.: Our Maintenance Dept. has been very busy this summer. Along with the everyday mowing and up keep duties, Kevin has been working on a project with VRI behind the sewer plant. They have been cleaning out the “out fall” removing trees and debris so the water can run freely behind the plant.

Along the same line, his next project “ditch cleaning” will begin on Thompson Drive heading westward to Goose Neck Creek. This will also help water to move freely.

Kevin will also be striping the crosswalks and sidewalks.

Sewer Dept.: We have again made great strides with our sludge drying process. We added clear walls to the drying bed, which gives it a “greenhouse effect”. What took 3 weeks to dry now takes 5 to 6 days.

Police Dept.: The new patrol car is on order and should arrive and be in service by the end of August.
Darien Lake traffic is typical this summer. I have been made aware of a lot of complaints regarding our officer’s when running the red light. Unfortunately we are directed by the Sheriff’s Dept and are only following their orders. Please have patience for the 8 to 10 concerts that are left this year.

Grants: This Committee has also been busy. We should hear some news regarding the Small Cities grant by the end of July or beginning of August. In addition we have applied for a Stop DWI grant. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
As always, please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Trustee Ralph Peterson
The changeover from KwikServ to K & K Food Mart is a welcome addition to Corfu Commercial development. The goal is to have all construction done by March 2008. The major construction is planned to begin after Darien Lake is closed for the season.

This is a commercial development, therefore the Genesee County Planning Board will be overseeing this effort and assisting us in understanding the requirements for this project.

Residents concerns regarding this project must be presented in a formal manner to the Village Board in a timely manner, and must be of a factual nature. Subjective issues presented without any factual support will not receive any formal consideration. The Board will attempt to communicate the status of this project in a timely manner to the residents.

We have received some complaints regarding traffic flow through the Village during concerts. Residents must keep in mind that when 15,000-20,000 people are passing through our Village there will be traffic delays. A little preplanning would provide an opportunity to avoid the peak traffic times. Our police department works with state and county law enforcement on traffic control issues. We are a part of a bigger picture when it comes to traffic control during concerts. Please keep that in mind. We have concert schedule information in the newsletter and updated information at the Village Office as it becomes available. This information includes concert dates, times and expected attendance. We hope this will assist you in preplanning for concert traffic.

Trustee Peg Patterson
It’s hard to believe that it’s been another three months. As the summer comes I look forward to seeing more residents out and about as we enjoy these warm days. Please don’t be discouraged by the postponement of Corfu Family Days. We have a wonderful opportunity to support our Fire Department, see our family, friends and neighbors, as well as look forward to another celebration in an upcoming season.

We submitted through the grant writers again for drainage. Believe me I would be very happy to see some real Money to help us alleviate this very stressful situation for many residents.

Again this newsletter brings the need for members on our Planning Board. This is a once a month commitment that is very needed. This would allow you to be involved more closely in your community without a huge demand of time. Enjoy your summer!

Trustee Tom Sobczak
Greetings to all, and I hope you are all having a great summer so far. I’d like to welcome back Dave and Rich to our Police force. They are back from last year to help out during concert season, and like our other officers, are doing a great job.

Also, I’d like to let everyone know that we are bringing Corfu into the twenty-first century with a bunch of upgrades and improvements in our office, maintenance and Police departments. My feeling is that all our employees were working hard and doing the best with what they had. They will do an even better job when given the proper tools. While these changes will not occur overnight, they are already showing signs of improving the way things are done.

Finally, I personally have been quite busy doing what my kids refer to as “Village Stuff”. I don’t want to reveal too much right now because these projects are in the very early stages, but I’m hoping to have some good news to report in the next newsletter about some of these issues.

Have a safe and fun rest of the summer – try to stay cool!

The Board would like our residents to know that we have been focusing on improving not only the efficiency and effectiveness of your local government, but also the spirit of cooperation between communities. First, we would like to thank NY Rural Water Association, Valley River Inc, and the Village of Akron for their time and assistance with the smoke testing done in the first week of June.

The Village in turn has made efforts to be supportive and of help in other communities as well, reciprocating with the Village of Akron for their smoke testing, aiding the Village of Elba with some sewer issues.

We would especially like to thank Town of Pembroke Highway Superintendent, Steve Stocking, for his invaluable assistance with numerous projects in the Village. In previous years, the Village has had to pay for the use of Town equipment and manpower for various projects. Now Steve works with the Village in furnishing equipment and manpower when needed and the Village does the same for the Town. It is less costly for everyone concerned. In doing so Steve has considered the needs of the Village of Corfu on the same level with the Town residents outside the Village.

2007 is the 200th anniversary of the founding of what we now call Corfu. I thought this would be a good time to mention some of the early history of this Village.

In 1807 Dr. David Long and his son John came to this area. Although John has been given credit for founding Corfu, he actually settled about two miles west of here. David settled just north of the four corners. As soon as they settled they sent for their families. It would be 8-10 years before John would move to the southwest corner of the four corners.
Later in 1807 Jonas Kinne moved his family here. In 1812 he established the first business here, Kinne Tavern. During these early years the settlement became known as “Long’s Corners”.

In 1817 the first permanent church was started at Longs Corners, The Pembroke Presbyterian Church (now Corfu United Presbyterian Church). They built their building in 1831 and it is still in use. In 1820 the first public school was established. The early 1800’s saw the establishment of general stores, hotels, blacksmiths and more.

In 1839 the settlement received its first post office. It was established at the Miller Hotel on South Allegheny and the first postmaster was Robert Miller. There was already a Longs Corners post office in New York State so Mr. Miller suggested the name of the settlement be changed to Corfu (probably after the Greek Island). The citizens of Longs Corners agreed and it was now known as Corfu.

In 1852 the railroad came here and brought new prosperity.

In May of 1868 Corfu was incorporated as the Village of Corfu and held its first election.
In the next newsletter I will list some more of the historical highlights of our first 200 years.

JUST A REMINDER: The Corfu Fire Department’s 125th anniversary open house will be August 12, and the Brickhouse Fair is September 8th! Be sure to join the fun!

These are some news excerpts from the Corfu column in the Progressive Batavian newspaper in the 1880’s.
2/20/1885 – “Recent temperatures in Corfu were –20 on February 11th and –18 on February 15th.”

6/10/1887 – Corfu correspondent wrote: “We are frequently reminded that profanity exists in the country as well as the city. Some of the foulest oaths ever were heard in the Village one evening last week.”

9/07/1888 – “A herd of mustangs was driven through the Village this week.”

2/17/1888 – “Some one or more persons were very considerate of the Edwards family and did not force him to refuse to furnish them with tobacco from his store. They removed a portion of the back window of his Drug store in Corfu, unlocked the door and went into the store and helped themselves. They then locked the door on the way out. It was presumably the work of young boys. If the tobacco makes them sick, it will be well for them.”

The Village once again has trash disposal in the village during 2007.  You may take your trash to the Sewer Plant on Fieldcrest Drive on the days and times as follows:

Day Date Time
Friday August 10 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday August 121 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday September 14 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday September 15 9:00am-1:00pm
Friday October 12 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday October 13 9:00am-1:00pm

We request that you do not bring any recyclable items such as glass, tin cans, or No.1 and 2 plastics. These should be put with your curbside service. These items can also be taken to the Town of Pembroke Recycling Center, free of charge on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. They also accept newspapers and magazines.

We cannot accept the following items: tires, oil, garbage, toxic materials, refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, unless freon has been removed. We will accept car batteries, couches, stoves, dishwashers and mattresses. If you need help with large items, please call the Village Office at 599-3327.

The Village reserves the right to reject large amounts of trash and to stop receiving once the container is full. We suggest that residents who are doing major remodeling work to please contract for their own dumpster for trash removal. This service is intended for residential use.