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January 15, 2008

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  ---  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M (New)
TUESDAY & THURSDAY --- 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (new)

     Village Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Committee meetings are the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Public is welcome to attend.


     The Corfu Planning Board desperately needs members. Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Village Office. Now is the time to get involved to help keep the Village the great place it is to live. If interested please contact the Village office.
     The Village is also looking for someone to fill the position of Zoning Officer.  We would like to thank Richard Reeves for his many years of service in that position.


     This year the terms of two Trustees, Thomas Sobczak and Glenn Russ, will expire. Offices to be filled at the Annual Village election on March 18, 2008 will therefore be:
                               Trustee (2): Term  2 years – 4/07/08 – 4/07/10

     The Village election will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at the Pembroke Community Center in the Corfu Fire Hall from 12:00 noon until 9:00 pm. Since the Village no longer holds a registration day for Village elections, any resident not registered to vote must do so with the Genesee County Board of Elections at least ten (10) days before such Village election. The Village office has registration forms available. Please contact the Village Office for caucus information.


     The Village would like to remind all pet owners not to let your animals run loose, as we have had many calls on animals in danger in the street when they are loose.  For dogs there is a leash law, and if you care for your cat(s) please keep a close eye on them.  There has also been a continual increase of stray cats reported in the Village, many of which are continually reproducing, multiplying the problem. If anyone has any idea how to curb this problem, please let us know.
     ALSO, Section 8,H of Local Law No. 1 of 1992 states it shall be unlawful for any dog owner to permit or allow a dog to create a nuisance by defecating, urinating or digging on public or private property other than the property of the said owner.  This includes public sidewalks and the Cemetery. It is not a dog park. PLEASE CLEAN IT UP!


 Mayor Todd Skeet:
     I hope your Holidays were enjoyable. Now that winter is here, I want to remind you to make sure sidewalks and fire hydrants are clear of snow. This is for your own safety as well as other Village residents.  Also please help keep an eye on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or infirm.  If any assistance is needed, please call the Village office.
     I’m sure you have noticed the new building for K&K Mart is moving along. We have been notified that they will be closing from January 13th through the end of April. They will be doing a lot of digging to clean out contaminated ground and installing new tanks, so please use caution and stay clear of the construction area.  If you notice any children around the area, please advise the Village office as it will be dangerous around the work site.
     Maintenance Department: Kevin has been keeping busy between snow clearing and brush hauling depending on our crazy weather. He has also been doing a lot of garage work with painting and upkeep of equipment, as well as assisting on some projects with VRI in the Sewer department. As soon as the weather freezes the creek banks, Kevin will be working to clear the waterways.
     This month I am meeting with Steve Hawley, Legislator Annie Lawrence, Mary Lou Rath, DOT and CSX railroad to address the issue of the condition of the viaduct. Hopefully we can come up with a solution. I will also be meeting with Akron regarding shared services for equipment.  We have developed a great working relationship with the Village of Akron. We want to thank them for their help with sewer camera work and assistance with our Christmas decorations.
      We also have been approved for a $14,000 grant to help defray the cost of our Cold Storage building.
     Police Department:  Our full-time Officer Dennis Yueckstock has been off due to illness. We want to wish him a speedy recovery.  We have been utilizing our part-time Officers to fill in the gaps as best as we can. Tracs is now up and running.
     Just a reminder there is absolutely NO PARKING on sidewalks anywhere in the Village due to safety for pedestrians, especially children. Violators will be ticketed.
     Sewer Department: Especially as this is our wet season, the sewer department will continue to look for illegal hookups of sump pumps and downspouts. If you have one, please rectify it, as it will end up costing more in the long run.
     The drying bed sides that were added this summer are working fantastic to reduce sludge hauling costs.  We are continually looking for ways to conserve energy in running the sewer plant, and are currently working on a grant with NYSERDA for a secondary energy supply to reduce energy costs.
     Office and Grants:  We are in the process of updating computers and software in the Village Office to move us into the 21st century.
     The grant process is ongoing. This year we received three different grants for the Police department with DWI, Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) and Buckle Up New York (BUNY) grants.  We also received a Go-Art grant for the Winterfest.
    In Conclusion:  We will soon begin working on the 2008-2009 Budget. We will continue to endeavor to obtain more grants and shared services to ease the financial burden.
     The Board of Trustees and myself would like to welcome Jim Tuttle as the new Town of Pembroke Supervisor, and look forward to a continued cooperative working relationship with the Town.
    Look forward to seeing everyone at the Village “Winterfest” to celebrate the 200th year of the settling of Longs Corners, which we now know as Corfu.  Hope you will all join us for fun, music, magic, puppets, food and all kinds of other entertainment.  The schedule is enclosed in the newsletter.    See you there!!!
                                                                                             Mayor Todd Skeet

Trustee Ralph Peterson:
     I hope that all residents have seen the progress on the new K&K Store at the corner of Route 77 and Route 33.  The store will be closing January 13th for approximately 3 months while the final stages of the construction project is completed.  All remaining zoning issues were addressed this week.  Hopefully the remaining construction phase of the project will proceed with no problems. A special thanks to our Planning and Zoning Boards for addressing the remaining issues required completing this project in a timely and professional manner.  I am confident that all residents will be satisfied with the store when all the construction is complete and the new store is fully operational.
     We have been actively working on our winter community celebration, the January 26, 2008 “Winterfest”, being held between 1:00 and 10:00 PM at the Community Center. The agenda for the event includes activities for children and adults. We hope to see all of you at the event. Mark your calendars.
                                                                                               Trustee Ralph Peterson

  Trustee Tom Sobczak: 
      As I sit down to write this it’s the second Tuesday in January, yet it’s almost 70 degrees outside. I couldn’t help but be reminded of another time of crazy weather, namely the dreaded “October Storm” of 2006. This got me to thinking about how we handled that storm which was the first real emergency that happened while I was a trustee. I thought about how quickly we got the village cleaned up (especially compared to other municipalities) and how we all pulled together to help each other get through it. I was glad I could be a part of it because it proved what I knew all along, which is that this is a place full of really great people who rise above and beyond to help each other in times of peril. This February will mark 11 years that I’ve lived in the village. My kids who were both very small when we moved in are now teenagers. When they are adults they will look back at Corfu as the place where they grew up and I’m very proud to have chosen this place to be their home town. I’m coming to the end of my term as trustee this spring so I just wanted to thank everybody that helped me through it. It has been an honor to represent this village and be in a position to get things done. While I got to experience first hand a lot of governmental red tape on certain things, I feel I accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do and will continue to do so should I be re-elected.
      In other news, our first Corfu Winterfest is right around the corner and it looks like it’s going to be the event of the season. Three months ago I’d have never believed we were going to pull it off but as usual, everyone involved went that extra mile and it looks like it’s going to be a blast. Weather permitting there will be ice-skating and other winter related events as well as horse and carriage rides through the village. Inside there will be music, contests, food and lots more (see the attached flyer for more details). I will be manning a booth with local expert Randy Moyer to do FREE antique and collectible appraisals a la The Antiques Roadshow so I look forward to seeing you and your treasures. Speaking of which, I have to make a few more phone calls relating to it so I’m going to wrap this up by saying that if you don’t make it out on the 26th, you’ll miss what is sure to be the highlight of far.
                                                                                                Trustee Tom Sobczak


     On January 26, 2008 Corfu will celebrate “Longs Corners Winterfest”. One of the themes of the event will be to celebrate 200 years since the area was first settled by Dr. David Long and his son John (1807).
     What was it like in those early days? Travel was rough, by horses, wagons or by foot, and farmers had to travel a long way to the nearest stores, mills, etc. Winters were harsh and there weren’t many roads or paths and there were Indians and wild animals to contend with. This community started along New Buffalo Road (now Genesee Street) in 1807, which was first laid out as a plank road between Batavia and Buffalo in 1802, and was very rough to travel on. There was a toll charged to travel on this road with tollbooths at various locations along the road, one of which was located just west of what we now call Angling Road. Also in the early 1800’s a north-south Indian trail was turned into a road from Longs Corners to Old Buffalo Road (Route 5). In 1854 it was completed to the Erie Canal. Once called Alabama Street we now know it as Allegheny Road (Rte 77).
      The original settlement of Longs Corners was at one time surrounded by a fence to keep the wild animals out. The farmers had to travel to Buffalo, Niagara Falls or Batavia to have their milling done. The first business at Longs Corners was the Kinne Tavern (1812). Taverns at that time were a place to get meals, hold public meetings, get lodging and have a drink.  It was soon followed by the Presbyterian Church (1817), then a school, mills, general store and other businesses. In 1839 the name of Longs Corners was changed to Corfu when it got its first Post Office. It is the only “Corfu” post office in the United States.

This is a PLEA from your “sewer biller” for residents to PLEASE read your meters when you get your next reading card from Monroe County Water. This next reading is the final reading for the fiscal year that will determine your Benefit Assessment figure on your Village Taxes for the year, which is based on your usage. As you may know, Monroe County does not read the meters, but depends on you. We, in turn, base your sewer bill on the readings from Monroe County Water. If you have been overestimated, this is the amount that will be reflected on your tax bill. So, PLEASE READ your Meter! And to those that regularly do, THANKS!


     We would like to remind Village residents that under the law, the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The Village will try to assist in the removal of snow from the sidewalks, however this does not and cannot reduce owner’s responsibility. If everyone will abide by the following rules, it would facilitate snow removal in the Village.

  1. Please do not pile snow from driveways onto the sidewalks, particularly after the Village plow has gone through.
  2. Please remember there is a parking ban on Village streets between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am from November 1st to April 30th. Vehicles in violation will be issued tickets and may be towed away. This is regardless of whether there is snow or not.
Please do not park on sidewalks or block sidewalks at any time.